Leadership, Management and Creativity

We understand leadership and creativity and can advise you on how to maximise artistic creativity and minimise conflict between artistic leaders and managers.

Dr Caust has extensive personal experience as an arts leader. She was artistic director and manager of theatre companies in Australia and in the UK and was the artistic director of a major arts festival in New South Wales.

She was a senior bureaucrat with the Australia Council and was Deputy CEO of the Department of the Arts in South Australia.

Dr Caust understands leadership, management and creativity in different environments and cultures, and under different cultural policies. She has published four books on this subject.

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Education and Career Development

We provide tailored training in arts leadership and arts management to suit your organisation's specific needs. We can help you with staff development and succession planning.

Dr Caust is an experienced educator. She ran the Masters program in Arts and Cultural Management at the University of South Australia for 14 years and she developed curricula for six other tertiary programs in Australia. She was on the board of the international Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE).

Dr Caust has expertise in providing tailored leadership training in the arts, including master classes and workshops. She has trained and counselled senior arts practitioners and managers in Australia and overseas, with a strong connections in Asia.

Dr Caust is also committed to career development for arts practitioners and arts managers, either through individual counselling or for groups. She established two fellowships in Australia and she co-founded and directed the Helpmann Academy Summer School in Adelaide. She also co-founded a conference for women theatre directors in the UK, and in Asia she set up residency programs for artists and arts managers.

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Cultural Policy

We can help you understand government cultural policy and its impact on your organisation. We can advise you on how to adapt to a changing political environment.

Dr Caust is a cultural policy expert. She is referred to regularly on the Australian Government approach to the arts, both in the media and on the government web site.

As a practitioner, Dr Caust developed and implemented policy while a senior public servant with the Australia Council and as Deputy CEO of the South Australian Department of Arts. As an academic and critic, Dr Caust's publications on the global economisation of culture are seen as seminal works. She has been an invited expert on specialist panels at cultural policy conferences.

Dr Caust is part of a worldwide network of cultural policy experts and was one of the few chosen internationally to undertake the initial review of Connect CP (the international “Who’s Who” data base of cultural policy researchers and cultural policy-makers).

Dr Caust comments regularly in the media on Australian cultural policy and is a cultural columnist for "The Conversation".

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Festivals, Events and Cultural Tourism

Festivals and cultural tourism bring large economic benefits to a country or a community but they can also endanger the culture they exploit. We can help you understand festivals and cultural heritage, and the impact of cultural tourism.

Dr Caust directed the 1982 Women and Arts Festival in New South Wales, with over 2000 performances and exhibitions, and she has since reviewed several festivals. Her critical review of the 2002 Adelaide Festival of Arts is regarded as a seminal work. Internationally, she undertook a strategic review of Vietnam's National Arts Festival for that country's Institute of Culture. This festival, held in Hue, celebrates cultural heritage and national identity.

More recently she has published works about the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the South Australian Living Artists Festival.

Dr Caust has had a long involvement with Cultural Heritage. She was part of a small international team invited to comment on the draft 2009 UNESCO Framework for Cultural Statistics which provides the conceptual foundations for evaluating the economic and social contributions of culture.

She has been an invited speaker at conferences aimed at gaining UNESCO intangible cultural heritage listing for Vietnam's traditional festivals. She was subsequently invited to address the 2013 UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage where she spoke on cultural tourism and the conflict between prioritising tourism revenues over preserving honored practices.

Dr Caust recently co-published a paper in 2017 in the Journal of Cultural Heritage, with cultural economics expert Marilena Vecco, on the extent to which UNESCO's World Heritage approach protects or undermines cultural heritage sustainability, particularly in Asia.

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Facilitation, Data Collection and Planning

We can facilitate your meetings, collect data for you, and help you with your planning. We can review your organisation to see where you fit in terms of world's best practice in the arts.

Dr Caust is an accomplished facilitator and former actor who can control a meeting and engage with her audience. She is proficient with one-on-one interviews to gather in-depth information and opinions from your staff, and from your stakeholders. Her knowledge of the industry will ensure that the data and viewpoints are relevant for your organisation.

Dr Caust is also an experienced planner and strategist, from her time as a senior bureaucrat, as director of a major festival, and as an advisor for the 2013 Creative Futures report for South Australia. As well, she is an acknowledged analyst and reviewer, and she can help you review your organisation as part of your normal processes, or in times of changing funding or cultural policy.

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International Collaboration

We understand how the arts function in different cultures and can advise governments and private organisations on cultural issues. We can assist in setting up and maintaining international collaboration and programs.

Dr Caust has extensive experience working with other cultures, particularly in Asia, but also in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Russia and several European countries. She has published books of case studies in arts leadership and written joint academic papers with contributors from more than 15 countries.

Dr Caust led a cultural delegation to Japan as part of South Australia's establishment of a sister state with Okayama Prefecture, and in Vietnam she initiated an MOU between the government, the University of South Australia and the South Australian government. At Asialink she established the first performing arts residency program and the first arts management residency program.

She has also worked with the Ministry of Culture and the universities in Vietnam on education, festivals, and cultural heritage. In 2013 Jo Caust Arts was a finalist in the Australian Arts in Asia Awards for the "Income generation in the arts" project in Vietnam.

In India, Dr Caust worked with Artthink South Asia, Artworks, the Goethe Foundation, the Avid Foundation and the Sanskriti Foundation.

Dr Caust has strong ties to Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China, and she recently established a personal professional connection with the National Centre for Performing Arts in Beijing.

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