Festivals and Events

IndiaworkshopWe provide strategic advice for festivals and events, and we undertake critical anaylsis and review.

Dr Caust has had a long involvement with festivals. She directed the 1982 Women and Arts Festival in New South Wales. She surveyed audience and development needs for Writers Week 1998 Adelaide Festival of Arts. She advised the Institute of Culture in Vietnam on their National Arts Festival in Hue and she was an invited speaker at conferences aimed at gaining UNESCO intangible cultural heritage listing for Vietnam's traditional festivals.

Dr Caust is also an experienced festival and event analalyst. Her critical review of the 2002 Adelaide Festival of Arts is regarded as a seminal work, and her analysis of the 2009 Adelaide Fringe Festival with a colleague was the first to take the viewpoint of the participating artists.

A current interest is in the role of festivals in the 21st century and in a digital world where there is much greater access to arts practice globally. She presented an invited paper on this subject at the 3rd International Conference on Events (ICE2015) in Macao in September 2015.